PSLE Head Start Programme

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a national examination in Singapore that is administered by the Ministry of Education. It is a student’s first high-stakes exam and an important juncture to measure how far a student has progressed in his learning at the end of his sixth year in primary school, before he moves on to secondary school. A good academic foundation is critical to help a student progress to the next stage of his learning journey and attain the academic stream [Express, Normal (Academic), Normal (Technical)] and secondary school of his choice and desire.

At Learning Chapters Education Hub, we equip students with the necessary skills and techniques to do well in their PSLE exam. We make sure our students have a strong of the concepts and subjects and help them master techniques to tackle complex and new exam questions. Through the practice questions provided and proper guidance from our experienced and qualified teachers, students will gain critical thinking and problem solving skills, learn to avoid common mistakes, and at the same time, gain the confidence to excel in their PSLE through better time and stress management.

All our tutors are experienced ex-MOE teachers who have taught in reputable schools. The materials for all our workshops are carefully crafted by our tutors to tailor to the demands of the examinations and beyond to ensure that it has the rigour to allow our students to excel. Parents can rest assure that your child will receive the best guidance given by our highly qualified tutors.

We look forward to helping our students succeed and achieve excellent PSLE results through our PSLE Head Start ProgrammeRegister for our workshop now!


Details of the Workshops


PSLE Head Start Programme – Maths

Workshop details as follows:

Session 1• Numbers
• Four Operations
• Multiplication & Division of Proper & Improper Fractions
Session 2Heuristics & Techniques for Solving Questions Involving
• Excess & Shortage
• Same Total/Part/Difference
• Grouping
Session 3• Area and Circumference of Circle
• Techniques for Solving Questions on Circle
Session 4• Volume of Cube and Cuboid
• Techniques for Solving Questions on Volume



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Profile of Tutor

Mr Benson

  • Ex-MOE teacher
  • Former Subject Head of ICT
  • Graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Hons), Computer Engineering
  • Graduated from National Institute of Education (NIE) with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)