Acrylic Painting Workshop for Children

Acrylic Painting Image


An acrylic painting beginner course for children to help them build up sensitivity to colours, details as well as painting skills. This class has been tailored for children who have little or no background in drawing, and the instructor will be showing ways to capture good proportion and details. Children will be able to bring home an A3-sized painting  that they will complete over the two sessions.


Workshop Outline

  • Introduction to painting & painting tools
  • Drawing proportionately
  • Colour mixing
  • Layering colours
  • Creating details on painting


Workshop Details

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This workshop is suitable for children aged 10 & above.


Workshop Venue

Learning Chapters Education Hub
116 Bishan Street 12 #02-34 Singapore 570116


Workshop Materials

Materials for the workshop will be provided.


About the Instructor

Guo Yixiu Image

This workshop is taught by Ms Guo Yixiu, a practicing fine artist, who has a degree in Photography and Digital Imaging from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). She has her works exhibited at Singapore Biennale at Singapore Art Museum and OCBC  Art Space among many others. Ms Guo is also NIE-trained and has taught in a MOE school with a Visual Art focus for 5 years.


Only limited seats are available for the workshop. Hurry and sign up with us now!