A is for Algebra Workshop

Algebra is the key to doing well in Mathematics. Many topics rely on the strong algebra foundation built in lower secondary levels.

Some students struggle in their school work or during examinations due to weak foundation in algebra, eventually causing them to lose interest in the subject or even develop a fear towards Mathematics.


What This Workshop is About

Taught by a NIE-trained teacher, our tutor uses an effective teaching strategy that will help students grasp concepts on algebra easily. This workshop is ideal for students who require extra help to strengthen their foundation in the area of algebra. Students who want to revisit the topics to deepen their understanding should join us too.

Overview of the Workshop

  •  For Sec 2-5 students
  • Taught by NIE-trained teacher with proven track record
  • Small class size for personalised attention
  • Great for students seeking to strengthen their foundation on the topic of algebra


Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Algebra
  • Algebraic Evaluation
  • Algebraic Manipulation
  • Algebraic Expansion
  • Algebraic Factorisation
  • Simplifying Fractional Expressions
  • Solving Linear and Fractional Equations
  • Changing of Subject
  • Solving Quadratic Equations
  • Algebra in Real-World Context


Details of the Workshop


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Fees: $300 for the entire 3-day workshop (include materials and refreshments)