3D Design and Printing Workshop

Image of 3D Printer

Immerse your child in the world of 3D design and printing in our fun and actvitites-filled 3D Design and Printing workshop this Nov/Dec holiday.

Our workshop is designed to introduce the entire process from creation of 3D models to production. Students will get to design their own 3D models with guidance from our instructor. They will also learn about 3D printing techniques and get up close to observe how 3D printers work. Every child will also receive beautifully 3D-printed souvenir at the end of the workshop.

Want to let your child get started with the endless possibilities in the world of 3D printing, sign up your child in our 3D design and printing workshop now!


Workshop Outline

  • Introduction to 3D modelling software
  • Learn to design 3D models
  • Get to know about 3D printing techniques
  • First-hand experience to see 3D printers at work
  • Receive a 3D-printed souvenir at the end of the workshop


Workshop Details

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This workshop is suitable for kids age 10 – 14.


Workshop Venue

Learning Chapters Education Hub
116 Bishan Street 12 #02-34 Singapore 570116


Workshop Materials

Laptop will be provided for each student. There will be 3D printers available for students to get up close and observe the 3D printing process during the workshop.


About the Instructor

This workshop is taught by Mr Benson Lim, a Computer Engineering graduate from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is a former NIE-trained teacher who has taught computer applications in a secondary school. Benson was also the Subject Head of Infocomm Technology (ICT) in his school. Equipped with the knowledge and experience, in both technical and curriculum, the contents of the workshop are carefully crafted by him for your child.