What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the state of awareness by focusing on the present moment. In the world we are living in, everyone is drowning in the endless tasks we are supposed to complete. On the other hand, distractions are aplenty as they seek to snatch our attention away from our tasks at hand. By channelling our attention to our own body, we will be able to notice more on what we are doing and the things going on around us. It is not about trying to change our thoughts or emotions, but rather it is to acknowledge them and not be overly reactive or overwhelmed by those thoughts and so we can react better in those situations.


What are the benefits?

There are numerous benefits that come with regular mindfulness practice. Mindfulness helps to alleviate stress by regulating mood and emotions. It also improves focus and concentration while reducing anxiety. Many top companies like Google, Apple and Nike hold mindfulness workshops for their employees as they believe in the benefits in what mindfulness can bring. Top athletes have also been using mindfulness to help them achieve performance excellence. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and a few NBA teams have been practising it.


Mindfulness in Singapore

Mindfulness is growing in popularity as more studies have shown the effectiveness and proved the validity of the benefits linked with the practice of mindfulness that are widely reported. In Singapore, mindfulness has gained quite a bit of attention in our government schools in recent times.

Just earlier this year, The Straits Times (ST) reported that a number of mainstream MOE schools introduced mindfulness practices as part of the students’ daily routine. The schools found that the benefits are improved focus and greater sense of self-awareness among others. Below is a video from ST that shared the mindfulness programme in Westwood Primary School.


Mindfulness-Based Tuition Curriculum at Learning Chapters

Learning Chapters is aware of the benefits it can potentially bring to students, thus we decided to be the first and only tuition centre in Singapore to introduce mindfulness into our curriculum*. Looking at how stressed our students are over their academic grades, some form of mindfulness practices will be able to better help students handle stressful situations. Short attention span and smartphone addiction might be linked, but it is definitely a worry in our nation’s younger generation. Through mindfulness practices, students will be guided to present moment awareness and helps them to focus and concentrate better.

Introducing Learning Chapters’ own “5-min Habit”, it is a breathing exercise conducted before the start of each lesson to allow students to find their rhythm and settle in. As the name suggests, it is a five-minute breathing exercise to help direct their attention to the present moment and be ready for the lesson.

All new students who signed up for our tuition programme gets to attend a free workshop to introduce them to mindfulness and some mindfulness activities that they can practice by themselves. Regular free-of-charge “Beat the Stress” sessions will also be held for all current students. These sessions, based on mindfulness activities, aim to allow the students to be away from any school work and just be.


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