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About Us

Learning Chapters is a distinguished Math tuition specialist in Bishan that provides high quality tuition for primary, secondary and junior college students. Our belief lies in leaving no child behind when it concerns education. We believe that every child can learn and can be taught. Our team of passionate and qualified tutors are committed to providing the best education for your child.

More than just achieving academic excellence, we look into holistic development of your child at our centre. We have our signature and unique mindfulness-based tuition curriculum that helps improve concentration while reducing stress level. Enrichment classes, such as coding workshops, which are targeted to hone your child’s skills more efficaciously, are also held round the year. With all-round education as our mission, Learning Chapters strives to give your child the best possible.

Heart Work


Our Programme

Learning Chapters is the first and only tuition centre in Singapore to integrate mindfulness into our tuition curriculum. Our unique “5-min Habit” is a breathing exercise conducted before the start of each lesson to allow students to help direct their attention to the present moment and be ready for the lesson. Regular practice of mindfulness is proven to help improve concentration and reduce stress level.

Here at Learning Chapters, our academic programme is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to deal with the rigour in school and beyond. Bite-sized learning is a design factor when we craft the curriculum for clarity of learning. Big concepts are broken down into smaller parts to help students grasp concepts easily. Progressive learning is also a feature in our curriculum. There is a need to master the fundamentals before moving on to more advanced concepts. Higher order thinking questions are also incorporated in our learning materials as we believe in stretching our students’ ability.

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Our Tutor


At Learning Chapters, we believe that education is heart work. Our principal tutor, Mr Benson Lim takes full interest in the education of our students, helping each and every one to reach their fullest potential. Mr Benson is NIE-trained and has many years of experience teaching in MOE schools and tutoring. Being up-to-date with the latest MOE syllabus, he ensures that students learn only the correct things. Highly committed with proven track records, you know that your child is in good hands when you enroll them with us.

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Our centre is located at:

116 Bishan Street 12 #02 – 34
Singapore 570116
(Take Lift B to Level 2)

6721 9055 / 9880 1776

[email protected]

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Mon – Fri:  4pm – 9pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 4.30pm

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